Friday 9 December 2016

And those "values" would be?..................from Rico

Kellogg's truly kicked the hornet's nest when they attacked Breitbart by pulling their advertising and citing "Kellogg's Values" as the justification.
And those "values" are?
- Shared values. The same values George Soros has, and #BlackBullshitMatters represent (who Kellogg's has supported financially along with Soros), and Communist dictator and murdering thug Fidel "Burn in Hell" Castro represents.
Kellogg's "values" as a corporate sponsor of the Leftist "progressive" effort to destroy America make it the poster child of everything that is WRONG with Communism, American-style.
Too bad I haven't bought a dime's worth of their heavily-processed, additive-laden, faux-food in many years, or I could boycott them.
- At least I will continue to boycott their products, as I will all other "progressive" businesses (including the insurance company by the same name with that perky brunette) that show their true colors [read: RED]. 

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