Tuesday 13 December 2016

Brilliant solution to TP shortage..................from Rico

SOCIALISM, making everyone equally poor.........
Former bus driver and current Socialist fuhrer of Venezuela, Maduro has just made a move that North Korea, Zimbabwe, Paul Krugman, or Maynard Keynes never dreamed of.
Maduro just announced on TV that he was pulling Venezuela's highest denomination currency/note from circulation (the 100 Bolivar note, worth ~2cents US), in 72 hours.
- This immediately solves Venezuela's TP shortage. What it does for the 550% inflation rate, well.......probably not much.
With over six billion 100 Bolivar notes in circulation (48% of the circulating cash) Maduro has just eliminated half the money in Venezuela by Executive Order (eat 'yer heart out, Barry) and signed Venezuela's economic death warrant.

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