Thursday 1 December 2016

Dumbf**kistan Resurgent....................from Rico

What an incredible way to end what has already been an incredible month!
- Of course, the non-coronation of the Democrat's Queen of Corruption, Hillary of Liarland, heads the list of GOOD things.
Now the Democrats, determined to double-down on what hasn't worked so far, have kept,, Nazi Pelosi as their "fearless leader" in the House of Representatives.
- Another really smooth move Democrats, sticking (pun intentional) with Cruella Deville aka Botox Brain.
To complete their trifecta of "can't win for losing" let's HOPE they next go with the Muslim Brotherhood's Representative Keith X. Ellison to head the DNC.
- He'll have you all wearing men's and women's burka's, you fkg morons.
I have often heard that "liberalism is a mental disorder" but to put a slightly finer point on it, to be a Democrat today isn't just a mental illness, but a clinical marker for severe mental retardation.
- Or, as Kid Rock might put it: dumbf**ks.

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