Friday 2 December 2016

Jewish Liberals Are in a Bind................from Dan Friedman

I know more than a few of us are in hand-wringing mode about the prospect of black supremacist, Muslim anti-Semite and professional Israel basher, Keith Ellison, becoming Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It’s only a natural response, but why look a gift horse in the mouth?
Brother Ellison’s elevation represents a rare opportunity to finally clear the air for the Jewish community. For example, Ellison as Chair will end all doubts about what a slithery creature the Democratic party has become – a safe house for Jew-haters and leftist hysterics of all stripes.
For another thing, it will be great fun to hear Jewish liberals explaining why they’re still all-in and proud “liberal Zionists,” a phrase that has recently become a contradiction in terms.
And think: do you really want to miss the chance to hear phony Reform “rabbis” making fools of themselves, harrumphing from their pulpits about the Democrats and “Jewish values?” For fans of great yucks, not to be missed at any cost.
So before you register your complaint against Ellison, think of supporting him instead. Carpe diem, my friends. Opportunities to catch the Erev Rav with their pants only come along every 1,000 years!
Back Ellison. Heighten the contradictions. It should be very exciting to watch!

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