Thursday 8 December 2016

Not "Faithless" but in "Bad Faith"................from Rico

You may have heard about "the faithless elector" who publicly says he'll vote against the will of the voters and will 'vote' for Hillary in the Electoral College instead.
He "just so happens" to be another "Leftist Progressive" [read: Communist] caught out in a FRAUD, just like everything involving 'closet' Communists [read: Leftist Progressives] is. 
[Back story: Remember the Bay Area Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist agitator and Black Nationalist "Van Jones" who Barry appointed as a Green Jobs Czar, but who hastily resigned after his true identity and antics were publicly exposed?
- Born Anthony Kapei Jones, he's a long-time associate and friend of both Barry and the Clinton Global Initiative.
- Aside: What IS it with Communists and their assumed/fake names? The Red mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio is on his sixth or seventh assumed name, and Barry Soetoro is using the alias Barack Hussein Obama. Are they trying to 'hide' their identities, or just that unhappy with who they themselves are?]
Busted! Our "faithless" elector is linked to none other than Van Jones!
I would use another F-WORD for these two, and FRIEND ain't one of them..............

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