Saturday 3 December 2016

What a Cruel Joke...................from Rico

This goes beyond the definition of a cruel joke, and a bad one at that.
Today's BS from the BLS falsely claiming a 4.6% unemployment rate...conveniently LOWER than it was back in 2007 just before Barry turned the White House into the Red Shed in obviously concocted to preserve his "legacy."
- Channeling my inner Lewis Black here: "You have GOT to be SH*TTING me!"
The new record high of 95.1 million workers out of work, a dismal number not seen since 1975-78, doesn't come close to enumerating just how bad Barry's job-killing and economy-killing regime has actually been.
- Add the bogus 4.6% unemployed to the not-in-labor-force number, and you get 102.5 million Americans out of work. [read: unemployed, numbnuts]
How is THAT for a "recount" you Marxist assholes?
- I guess an ounce of pretension really IS worth a pound of manure..........

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