Thursday 8 December 2016

What Price Jewish Unity?........................from Dan Friedman

[As I’ve written often, American Jewish liberals (i.e. the vast majority) are heading in one direction while Israel is moving in another. What’s more, the gap is growing wider and deeper between the two sides. Can’t say I’m the only one to point this is out, but I admit, I’m in rarified air when I assert this trend is good for the Jewish people and Israel. Heresy or the obvious?!
Many good rabbis that I admire and pay heed to emphasize the need for unity in Jewish ranks. In theory, I believe that too. But I also see merit in encouraging the Erev Rav to just fade away and leave us alone. The good news is, they’re doing it already, and without our help and without raising our hands against them. df]
By Isi Leibler

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