Thursday, 30 March 2017

When the 'solution' IS the 'problem'................from Rico

ObamaCare was a 'solution' to a 'problem' that did not exist, except in the socialist minds of the leftards.
- Take a look at what happened from 2016 to 2017 in terms of insurers available nation-wide.
ObamaCare is a big stinky problem.
The RyanCare  'solution' to the ObamaCare 'problem' was itself a big stinky problem.
- And the GOPe/RINO's want to double-down on stupid again next week with an attempt to resuscitate it? I hope they emulate socialist Venezuela and run out of gas.
DNR (do not resuscitate) RyanCare.
Sure, the politicians have to perform for their owners/donors/special interests...but it's time to perform for the voters instead, for a change.
- Focus on the one-sentence bill to REPEAL, and forget about 'replacing' it with more ineffective big government intrusion. It's time to let the private sector run things efficiently, for a change

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