Friday, 28 April 2017

AntiFA isn't friendly, it's socialist...

If you ever wondered, or had any doubt what today's AntiFA stood for, you can determine it by their actions and not their means Anti-First-Amendment.
- They are, of course, socialist thugs.
While they claim to be against fascism, they violently act to suppress free speech and any expression of opinion that differs from their 'approved' version.
- They act like fascists themselves, because they are.
There was a version of AntiFA back in the 1930's. The
'national socialists' (aka Nazis) called them brown shirts, which sounds so much 'friendlier' than what they were, socialist thugs.
- They acted just like AntiFA does today, because they were.
While 'sociopath' and 'psychopath' mean the exact same thing, there were people almost 100 years ago that thought one term was somehow 'friendlier' than the other.
- Just like today some people think being 'socialist' is somehow friendlier. It is not.
David Burge [IowaHawk] is a very smart guy. He has AntiFA figured out.
- The rest of us had better figure them out too. Quickly.
Socialism is NOT friendly, and it is NOT your friend.

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