Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Asset Winners 1st Quarter........................from Rico

Despite the "abnormal, new normal" kneecapping Gold and Silver took at the beginning of March (somebody really did NOT like to see the sharp climb of those assets the two months prior, notwithstanding the best efforts of the "wise guys" to suppress them), the Precious Metals ended the quarter pretty well.
- Silver outperformed them all, and came in #1.
-' Tech's were in second place.
- Gold took third place, beating the S&P 500.
The equities being 'juiced' by our Central Banker friends liquidity injections still were clobbered by Silver and Gold.
- Third party "risk" needs to be a consideration in this market. By risk I mean default, a failure to meet contractual obligations (among other things).....something that physical Precious Metals decidedly do NOT have (so long as you hold them, and not the paper IOU's issued by the scammers on the CME's COMEX or one of the 'paper' metal funds, all of whom promise to pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today (while hoping Tuesday never comes to reveal they cannot pay, and never did intend to pay, if the market turned on them).

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