Wednesday, 12 April 2017

It Doesn’t Take A Village To Raise A Child – Just The Government...................from Daniel Thomas

People may wonder where liberals, or progressives as they refer to themselves these days, get their statist ideas and policies from in addition to their obsessive dedication to impose them on others. They are not ideas and policies that are formulated by observation, consultation, personal experience, study or intelligent deduction.

They are arrived at by weak minds being indoctrinated by a seductive ideology that when accepted as truth and adopted as one’s personal beliefs dominate the mind to the exclusion of everything else; this includes common sense and reason. Subsequently imposing them on others becomes a mission to be followed with religious zeal.

Reading about a controversial proposal by the far-left Scottish government for the state to appoint a legal guardian to oversee the raising of every child in the country is one issue that proves beyond doubt where modern politicians get their inspiration and guidance.

The signature issues touted by the political elite such as equality, redistribution of wealth, one borderless world etc. are all highlighted in The Communist Manifesto. What is also included but not touted so loudly is the destruction of the traditional family.

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