Saturday, 1 April 2017

No inflation. Pssst...I have this bridge you might be interested in.......................from Rico

Inflation? What inflation?
- There's NO inflation here! That's why the 2017 COLA increased by only 0.3% [for Congress and Common Core math students that is 3/10 of ONE percent.]
But hey! Good news, in the last ten years (1996-2016) TV prices have fallen by 100%.
- Huzzah!
Rejoice happy debt slaves.
- Your beloved FED (that privately owned, for-profit bank) is staying under it's inflation rate target of 2%.
Never you mind that the consumer items indexed on the attached charts reflects an overall inflation rate of +57.1%.
- Food and Housing are up >50%.
- Health Care and Child Care are up >100%.
- College Tuition is up >200%.

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