Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No problem here......................from Rico

The MSM having distinguished itself for years with "false-but-could-be-true" stories, completely fake "polls" and agenda-based "spin" continues to plumb new depths of bull-shittery.
- Nothing they say, print, or do is reliable or truthful journalism and if you rely upon them for ANY information, you're a complete idiot and a fool.
Sadly, Zbigniew was correct, enough morons are content to be told what to think and parrot-like repeat what to say by the MSM aka Weapons of Mass Deception that the stupid continues. Repeat after them:
- It's a "religion of peace"
- It was a lone wolf
- It was a crazy person
- It was workplace violence
- It was caused by a video on YouTube
Conveniently ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that Barry and Hillary were ON THE SAME SIDE with ISIS and Al Qaeda, the MSM continues to "fluff" the progressive narrative by ignoring the fact that "the Facebook Killer" is a MUSLIM.
- Well, 'partial' truth will kill you just as fast, if not faster, than 'none' of the truth...or a Muslim will.

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