Saturday 29 April 2017

Politics. like War, is all about Money................from Rico

It's a racket.
Politics, like War, is a racket (Gen Smedley Butler was right) and all rackets revolve around money. The main question is cui bono...who benefits?
- When a politician matter what elegant words are used...they are speaking about money, and it is money for their benefit. 
Congress, the People's representatives.
I had a friend bitterly complain about Congress being less than useless while telling me "the taxpayer pays their salaries."
- Let's follow the money.
Who really pays Congress?
These buttmunches could 'work for a salary of $1 per year and still leave office (if they leave office) millionaires and multi-millionaires.
- Many of them are 'broke' like the rest of their constituents when they first assume the, office yet most sitting members are millionaires and multi-millionaires, and it ain't because of their tax-payer salary Sparky!
Money talks, and Congress walks.
Wonder why there hasn't been a repeal of ObamaCare yet? Why the Border Wall isn't being funded? Why Hillary's ass isn't already in jail? Ad nauseum?
- It's not the Republicans (R) and it's not the Democrats (D) it's the Corrupticrats (C) otherwise known as Congress.
Three billion reasons why.
Here are $3.1 billion reasons (per year) why Congress is useless, less than useless, to their constituents (read the suckers who vote them into office).
- K Street lobbyists [read: $pecial interest$] dictate what gets done, and what doesn't get done

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