Sunday, 9 April 2017

Syria - CUI BONO [who benefits]?......................from Rico

Channeling my inner Major Gen Smedly Butler, USMC and Medal of Honor recipient "war is a racket."
The long-running Syrian "civil war" and the Cruise Missile strike by the US is a classic case of "who benefits?"
"They*" (I'll explain further along who "they" are) have been itching for an excuse, any excuse for years now. Here is the latest of several attempts at justifying the removal of Assad in Syria.
The excuse.
- Assad's AF bombs an ISIS weapons depot.
- ISIS chemical weapons are released, killing civilians.
- Assad is accused of a chemical weapons attack.
- The US (ever the sucker) blows the crap out of Assad's AF base with cruise missiles.
The reason.
- Nope, it's not the one you hear from the lying MSM.
- It's because "someone" wants to build a pipeline right across Syria, and Assad is in the way. [read: money, lots of money; the cause of most wars]
The facts of the matter.
- There would not be a Syrian "civil war" or any "refugees" from Syria had there not been discovered a YUGE new gas field near Lebanon-Israel-Syria-Cyprus in 2009.
- The "Europe Natural Gas Pipeline Project" aka the "Qatar-Turkey Pipeline" is worth a lot of money for many years to come.
- The Turks would very much like to 'see' Assad gone, and the Syrian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood installed.
[Remember Barry's love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood? How about Hillary's love affair with Huma Abedin, princess of the Muslim Brotherhood? Are you connecting any dots yet?]
The Turks are Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood are Muslims. They are assholes (just like Barry, Hillary, and Huma are), but the US is an even bigger asshole for being their dupe and proxy.

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