Saturday, 29 April 2017

This is NOT the 2016 election result, but it IS a Democrat result..................from Rico

I almost skipped looking at this map because it looked like a re-hash of who voted for Hillary and the vapid claim that she 'won' the popular vote with over 50%,
- But then I looked more closely. It was not the Clinton electoral archipelago.
While it does very much resemble the tidal wave (cough, cough) of support for Lying Crooked Hillary, it says something else entirely.
- Two percent (2%) of US counties represent fifty-one (51%) of US murders.
Can you find LA and Chicago? The county murder map basically reflects two things:
- They are heavily gun-controlled.
- They are heavily Democrat-controlled.
Coincidence? I think not.
- Yet these are the same idiots that want the other 98% of counties to not only listen to them, but be like them.
No thanks. I think not.
- The "Old West" was actually a very peaceful place when everyone who wanted to could freely carry a gun (unlike what Hollywood depicts, but we all know (a) movies aren't reality, and (b) Hollywood is so full of shit their eyes are brown) which lead to a very positive societal benefit....behavior control. If you were going to be a violent criminal you knew from the start you could be shot for your bad behavior. Free speech wasn't a problem then either. You said what you meant, meant what you said, and kept your word, or you might get your ass shot....unlike today.

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