Thursday, 6 April 2017

Warning! Venezuela Uses The Judiciary To Go Full Commie.......................from Daniel Thomas

News that the Supreme Court in Venezuela has stripped the Legislature of power comes as no surprise to the informed people around the world who keep themselves abreast of current affairs especially in relation to the socialist/communist movements; this includes those who try to disguise their ideology by referring to themselves as liberals or progressives. (See here)

This action by the judiciary completes the process of transforming Venezuela into a full blown communist dictatorship using the false promise of benevolent socialism to seduce the people. This deceitful modus operandi was highlighted by none other Lenin himself when he declared that the goal of socialism is communism.

It also should set the alarm bells ringing in the western democracies since judicial activism by agenda driven judges is playing an ever increasing role in undermining elected Presidents, Prime Ministers and legislatures by governing from the bench. These judges are not appointed because of their judicial acumen or political independence but because of their commitment to imposing the so-called ‘progressive’ agenda i.e. socialism.

This is the same judicial activism that stopped the President of the United States from using the powers granted to him under the constitution to keep the American people safe by instituting a temporary moratorium on immigration from terrorist infested countries hostile to the United States.

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Mr. Bee said...

It's a human tragety, but also a great object lesson for the rest of the world. Go commie and starve.