Friday 19 May 2017

Clever scam. Deadly serious.....................from Rico

When 'control' of the US is at stake, and the continued strip-mining of it's wealth and culture hangs in the balance, we have already 'seen' the lengths the UniParty (aka 'establishment') will go to in order to continue holding power. It is not a 'game' but a deadly serious business. Deadly.
- The DNC 'rigging' their own primary against outsider Bernie makes the fake 'six consecutive coin tosses' in Iowa pales in comparison.
If you 'wondered' why the premature "Yay! We won!" atmosphere at Hillary's election nite bash; then 'saw' the sheer horror of their reaction when it became obvious that she did NOT in fact win; and then 'marveled' at the sheer stupidity of the entire "Russia did it" never-ending-story that was hatched within 24-hrs of this "surprise loss"; then read on and connect a few dots.
There is an even bigger DNC scam that makes the entire presidential campaign process and following election pale in comparison. Here is why it all was a farce:
- There was a clever voter fraud SCAM by the Democrats to steal the general election itself. This is why 'she' was so sure of her victory.
- "Uhhh....Russia" is a mere distraction from that fact, and a diversion to make sure no one directed any efforts toward finding out (a) that there was a scam, (b) what the scam was, and that the (c) DNC "plays for keeps"
....including (c) the assassination of the DNC's own Seth Rich (a Bernie supporter btw).
This is no longer our Grandfather's Constitutional Republic, and the Democrats are now murderous Marxists playing at stealing an entire nation. Having failed to "steal" the general election, there are now very obvious traitors who are trying to upend the 2016  election, disenfranchise the voters, and regain control of what they see as "theirs, and not yours" by any means. By ANY means. Murder most foul is merely a "bump in the road" to use Hillary's happy turn of phrase from Benghazi.
- The Tree of Liberty is overdue for a good watering.

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Francis W. Porretto said...

"When you roll a seven once, that's an accident. When you roll seven eight hundred times in a row, someone has loaded the dice." -- Robert A. Heinlein, Time For The Stars