Friday, 12 May 2017

Excremento Socialismo....................from Rico

This is yet another classic example of what Socialism routinely does for the 'worker'....Venezuela's currency has dropped over 95% in value [read: purchasing power, there is none; but the TP shortage was unintentionally 'solved'].
- When savings are wiped out, and your paper currency can't purchase anything because it's not worth anything, then the proverbial really does hit the oscillating fan blades. [read: 'workers' riot in the streets].
Yes, the excremento truly is hitting the fan in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela.
- This is exactly what Barry, Hillary, and their comrades want for you happy be sure to vote for the next Socialist the DNC puts up for election and be part of the "free sh*t army" marching FORWARD [read: en marche'].

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