Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Go figure!.....................from Rico

              "Sie mussen horen Wahrheit alle,
                Ob ihnen es auch nicht gefalle."    
                           Sebastian Brant
For decades in America the idiots came 'close' to destroying things completely.
Idiot economists and the FED made the rich into the uber-rich and smashed the middle-class into poverty while proclaiming "recovery."
Idiot banksters gambled on their self-created scams while imposing crippling debt-slavery upon citizens to finance their risk-addiction.
Idiot journalists and idiot intellectuals told us that despotism was democracy, and that stifling any dissenting opinion somehow protected freedom of speech.
Idiot politicians and idiot foreign policy wonks created enclaves that bred idiot fanatics, and then financed them until they became idiot violent jihadis.
Idiot professors spouted BS 'theory' that supported all of the idiot self-destructive behaviors of our rulers, the besserwisser class (like Soros and Facebook boy).
And yet the self-selected elites "don't know" how or why Trump beat the shittiest political candidate they could possibly have put forward.
Go figure!

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Mark Matis said...

Trump only won because he was able and willing to finance his own campaign. Had anyone else without the financial wherewithal and balls been chosen as the "opposition", Cankles would have run rough-shod over them.

Damn the filthy Rove Republican swill to hell where they belong.