Sunday, 7 May 2017

Take Macron. (pause) Please!......................from Rico

By their actions shall you know them, ignore their words.
- Take Macron.      ............Please.
Whatever the outcome in France Sunday, the fact that the Leftist media which is promoting Macron as a 'centrist' [only if you mean centered between Lenin and Marx] but who is a Communist [en marche' is the time-worn Communist slogan "forward" most recently used by Barry Soetoro, but in vogue with Communist adherents since before the 1917 revolution], a Globalist, and staunch EU supporter...[translation: Merkel's puppy] is NOT the problem!
Nor is the fact that some of the worst shit heels humanity has on offer are even considered as viable candidates for ANY responsible office today [yes, I refer to Barry, Hillary, et al here] the problem. 
To badly paraphrase Thomas Sowell, the "problem" isn't that people can't think. The problem is that people no longer have the vaguest idea what thinking is, now routinely confusing it with feeling.

Also France: Emmanuel Macron, Useful Idiot of Islamism

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