Tuesday 2 May 2017

There Go the Judges.......................from Rico

Here comes the Judge.
I well remember the hilarious shtik done by Sammy Davis Jr on Rowan & Martin's TV show "Laugh In" called "Here comes the Judge."
- But that was back then. In the 1960's.
Today what is needed is "There GOES the Judge."
- But first, let's go back to 1802.
The Judiciary Act of 1802 [2 Stat 156] was a Federal Statute that reorganized the Federal Court system.
- President Jefferson abolished 18 of 35 Federal Judge positions.
Why NOT do the very same thing today in 2017? Let's have four or five Federal Circuits, instead of nine.
- A good start would be eliminating the 9th Circuit Court, and any other anti-American Communist-leaning 'judges.'
T-Rex just canned 2300 State Dept "cookie pushers" [read: Communists], why not get rid of a few black-robed tyrants who like to legislate from the bench while we're cutting the fat (and the fat-heads) while we're draining the swamp?
There GO the Judges.

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