Thursday, 25 May 2017

'We need a final solution' to the Islamic Jihad Problem — Britain's Katie Hopkins Deletes Manchester Bombing Tweets After Uproar (VIDEO)

Well, maybe if she'd said we need a "definitive solution" to the Islamic jihad problem it would've been cool?

I mean, you wouldn't want to imply that Muslims should be exterminated or anything.

Here, "Katie Hopkins Under Fire After Calling for 'Final Solution' to the Muslim Problem (VIDEO)."


Robert the Biker said...

No, I think she was perfectly correct with that expression.... the nussy scum are always going on about the Jews and how they are apes and pigs etc. so it might just be an idea to subtly remind them just what happens when Europeans nut up.

Billll said...

Not to imply that Muslims should be exterminated. Islam, on the other hand should be universally recognized as a bloody-handed death cult, the gloss of religion laid over the ethos of a horse barbarian and banned worldwide.

Might have to hang a few mullahs, but probably only a few.

Anonymous said...

My Idea is just a bit different on what to do. First off, Get rid of the idea of Business as usual. Then get off by start arresting, convicting and either deporting or hanging some folks.

I just cannot understand why the Europeans are so passive. That and refusing to see what the problem they are facing.

Instead they just keep going down the road to ruin. By kicking the can down the road. I can safely say we all know where that road leads to.

Of course the Ruling class is very well protected. So maybe they just do not either not care any more or is getting something out of it.

Or a even more scary thought is that they are just too dumb to act properly.

Its like when Hitler first started to show up on the radar in the late 20's & 30's. But at least that time. There was Churchill roaring around warning Folks of the on coming danger.

But I do not see any one like him around at all. Bottom Line - I can say is God Help Us all!

Anonymous said...

allah forbid that islams should be exterminated from the face of the Universe.
since they do this EVERYDAY to us infidels.