Friday, 2 June 2017

The Embassy: I Told You in January....................from Dan Friedman

At least one person I know is not angry or surprised by Trump's failure to move our embassy. To me it was obvious as early as January, and I was right and for the right reasons too. Once that pretty young girl comes swinging by in that little black dress, a man's mind turns to other things than moving a building from one side of town to another.
Below please find my APB of 1/18/17.
[Hope I’m wrong, but if the US embassy move does not proceed with concrete plans announced closely on the heels of Trump’s inauguration, it’ll be dead in the water for another 4 years, at least. And don’t forget, there’s now a new development. Trump has a dog in this fight in the person of his beloved son-in-law Jared Kushner who’s been assigned the fool’s errand of creating “peace” via the Two-State Solution. So when the Arabs threaten to void Oslo by violence or any other means, Trump will have to listen and take that in consideration too.
Sorry to say, I’m still in deeply skeptical mode on this. df]

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