Wednesday 30 August 2017

AntiFa Farm...................from Rico

A genius blend of Orwell's "Animal Farm" and current events is brought to us by WilliamBanzai7....AntiFa Farm.
If you have trouble telling the difference between Democrats (C) and RINO's (D) these days, and see that there is no discernible difference between McConnell-Schumer and Ryan-Pelosi, consider this:
- If they wanted things to be any different than they are, they would be. They don't. They're perfectly fine with things just as they are.
In this, Congress is 'giving America the business' as usual, and are complicit with AntiFa in making America their enemy.
- Congress are accomplices to AntiFa, and AntiFa is another symptom of a dysfunctional bought-and-paid-for Congress.
Make NO mistake Jane and Joe America...AntiFa (C), Democrats(C), and RINO's (D), are NOT your friends. Friends don't behave like that.
- And in a nod to Orwell's novel* (ref infra) 'they'll gladly sell Americans to the glue factory for money for whiskey' and it's increasingly 'difficult to tell the pigs from the human beings.'
Time to make some sausage America, before YOU are stuffed into the sausage casings by these swine.
*Like Orwell's "1984" I suggest that his "Animal Farm" is well worth reading, or re-reading, to grasp what is taking place today. Hurry, before the Communists ban Orwell as "hate speech" or because they are "offensive" to some uber-thenthitive ignoramus.

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