Friday 11 August 2017

Bodacious Selma Hayek Says She Won't Bow to 'Size Pressures' of Hollywood.

She's still got that huge bodacious set of mammaries, so as long as she's not pressured to get a breast reduction, it's all good.

Do your thang girl, lol!

Here, "'I am 50, why do I have to look good?' Big-Breasted Salma Hayek admits she refuses to bow to size pressures of Hollywood... though jokes she wished some of her busty famous curves 'went in instead of out'."

Shoot, those tits just won't quite. Nothing to worry about the way she's boosting those knockers, heh.

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Anonymous said...

I would pay $50 to kiss those tits and $100 more to play "Let Me Gently Massage Your Vagina" with Ms. Hayek.