Tuesday 29 August 2017

$ize matters...............from Rico

While the sheeple 'watch' the talking heads/teleprompter readers of the Financial media and the MSM distract them with 'news' of the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P this is all a sideshow.
- The markets are NOT the center ring under the big top at this circus. Not even close.
The global stock market is ~$70 trillion dollars, and the US equities market is only a part of that number.
- This earns them a smaller side-ring, but not the center ring.
The global bond market dwarfs the global stock market at ~$217 trillion dollars.
- This earns them a side ring as well, but it's still not the center ring.
The center ring belongs to the global currency market which trades ~$4-5 trillion per day.
- And the star attraction and main performer in the center ring is the $USD.
Now, consider that the $USD has dropped below 2014 levels and is heading lower. The venerable US Dollar is down 9% 2017 to date.
- This means that physical Gold and physical Silver (not to be confused with the 'synthetic' paper varieties, which are as limitless as paper currency is) which is finite, is going UP in value as fiat currency sinks.

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