Wednesday 23 August 2017

Moar "transformation" - autos...................from Rico

Here is some more "transformation" for
There was a time when there were multiple manufacturers with a variety of autos for consumers to select from beyond the 'give them any color, as long as it's black' Ford origins.
- You could also afford to buy the cars, they only 'cost' a few thousand dollars...but there were 24-36 month loans available, too.
Not any more.
- That was before a stifling federal buraucracy gummed-up the works.
Now America's favorite rapidly-depreciating asset....the car...argues that it makes more sense to rent vs. own, as the nation becomes a nation of renters vs. owners.
- Thank you, government!
And even if you think you 'own' a used car (that's ANY car you've purchased (whether 'new' from a dealer or from a neighbor down the block) you have 'lost' -17% in value year-on-year in the last 12 months.
- That's twice the rate of depreciation from 2014 which was -9.5%.
The surge in off-lease vehicles has created a supply glut vs. demand = prices are down.
- Unless you're driving one of the yuge new pick-me-up trucks that a ladder is needed to which case you are virtually printing your own money!

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pkerot said...

Henry Ford **NEVER** said you could have Model Ts in any color as long as its black. Because Model Ts were available in different colors for Years!