Saturday 26 August 2017

Patriot President Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Hero Who Cracked Down on Illegal Immigration

Here's the report, "President Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

I met Sheriff Joe in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2010. Everybody loves Sheriff Joe. The only people who don't are the treasonous racist MSM fifth columnists out to destroy our great country!

Here's the headline at NYT, via Memeorandum, "Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio, Who Became Face of Crackdown on Illegal Immigration."

I don't care what these leftist media hacks say. Sheriff Joe's a freakin' patriot.

Here's my report from 2010. I had so much fun! See, "Sheriff Joe Arpaio Headlines 'Stand With Arizona' Rally in Tempe."

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matism said...

And Songbird McShame and Flake are castigating him for the pardon.

Oh Lord, please let McShame's medical issue be very contagious and terminal, and please make him cloister closely with the rest of the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill before he joins his good buddy Teddy "Swim, bitch!" Kennedy in a "warmer climate".