Monday 21 August 2017

Sofa-king Obvious........................from Rico

This is the desired end-game, and it has nothing to do with slavery, the Confederacy, monuments, or anything else:
- Socialism = When you get shot for asking questions.
- Communism = When you get shot for telling the truth.
It's sofa-king obvious to most of us that the West, and America, is under attack by an increasingly violent Marxist-Communist revolution that is waging open warfare against history, the truth, and individual freedom.
AntiFa and BLM are the brownshirted thugs for this culture war, and it is WAR...make no mistake about it...and they are being aided by their comrades in the MSM (like CNN: the Communist News Network, NBC: nothing but Communists, MSNBC: more of the same nothing but Communists, et al...I'll stop there because you get the idea).

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