Thursday 17 August 2017

T. May Acts Against ISIS - Welcomes Them Home For A Spot of Rehab..................from Daniel Thomas

One has to wonder what goes on inside the heads of politicians especially those that laughably refer to themselves as ‘progressives’; they say and do the dumbest things that not only defy logic but pose a clear and present danger to the public they are supposed to be protecting.

Putting out the welcome mat for battle hardened jihadis returning from the killing fields of the Middle East and Africa as if they have been on vacation then thinking they will reform their murderous ways after a stint in a rehabilitation clinic is another classic example.

Barely two months ago on 4th June after 28 were people murdered and almost 300 injured by Islamic terrorists in Manchester and Westminster, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, declared on the steps of 10 Downing Street that there has been “far too much tolerance of extremism” in the UK and added that “enough was enough”. (Watch and read her platitudes here)

In reality it was the political class and the establishment that had tolerated extremism for decades by allowing sharia controlled no-go ghetto areas to proliferate and fester across the country which not only allowed preachers of hate to regurgitate their hatred of the west but also acted as recruiting grounds for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

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Mark Matis said...

What goes on in the heads of politicians is One World Government. They understand that the best way to destroy national identity is to import third-world and fourth-world "cultures" to overrun a nation, and thus they follow that shining path enthusiastically. And that is the political state of ALL parties in the West. The only exceptions to same are Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Viktor Duda, and Vladimir Putin. And THAT is precisely why the Deep State is screeching so loudly in their attempt to destroy those four brave men.

Do note that the Deep State enablers are each nation's "Law Enforcement", who care not about their very oath of office nor the good of their nation. They do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. As shown once again this past Saturday in Charlottesville.

Daniel Thomas said...

Good comment with which I cannot disagree