Thursday 31 August 2017

Variations of False Utopia..................from Rico

The very bad, and demonstrably failed, idea of Socialist Utopia (collectivism) has been like cultural herpes.
- Socialism may 'seem' to go away after flare-ups, but it has so far seemed to be least since 1917.
Over one hundred years of Socialism under different names, have ALL been 'authoritarian' with (often fatal) 'drawbacks' for human life and liberty:
- National Socialism [Hitler]
- Marxist Socialism [Stalin-Mao-Pol Pot-Castro-Che]
- Democratic Socialism [Zimbabwe-Venezuela-DPRK]
- Progressive Socialism [Obama, Soros, AntiFa]
The latest manifestation, AntiFa, has plans for the rest of you and they are the same authoritarian 'bad news' plans with the same 'drawbacks' as they have been since Marx-Hegel and Lenin.
- Think "Commies are Cool?" Read on.....


Francis W. Porretto said...

The "Antifa manual" is pretty clearly a parody. It might be a production of Antifa itself, intended to mislead us on the Right into denouncing a tongue-in-cheek self-caricature.

Jeffersonian said...

The line between policy and parody has been erased.