Tuesday 26 September 2017

Disrespecting National Symbols Is Part of the Globalist Plan................from Daniel Thomas

It took a while to reach the United States but it got there in the end. Whenever a country or a culture is being destroyed, or to use modern political jargon ‘fundamentally transformed,’ it is necessary to disrespect and eventually ban its national symbols at some point along the way.

Football players ‘taking the knee’ during the national anthem is not a spontaneous protest against racial oppression or a show of solidarity with non-white people who are supposedly being targeted by racist police and a white supremacist President. It’s a long planned and essential part of the fundamental transformation of America.

These ingrates, comprised mainly of wealthy black people, are what Lenin described as useful idiots and they join the Hollywood entertainment industry, the music industry, college campuses, late night talk show hosts and other television celebrities in their demeaning of America. 

Leading the way is the Washington swamp and virtually the entire mainstream media (MSM) along with anyone who can command an audience no matter how small.   

The national symbols in this case are the American flag, the national anthem and the sport of football itself. What is not part of this choreographed piece of theatre but very much part of the plan, is the simultaneous Antifa attack on the Constitution, especially the first amendment.

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