Saturday 16 September 2017

Equifax - War on Cash - Leftards.........................from Rico

There has been a quiet, but obvious, "war on cash" and efforts are underway to move people to digital payments/digital cash.
- To 'protect' us from criminals and terrorists is the usual justification for removing more personal liberty.
As Hurricanes Harvey and Irma demonstrated, when the power goes down, so does this brilliant notion of a cashless society.
- Cash (or barter) worked in crisis situations, but digital credit/debit cards not at all (while Barry's children went entirely 'cashless' by looting).
Even when everything is 'normal' huge data breaches like the one Equifax had which affected 143 million Americans makes the argument that nothing 'digital' is safe.
- If you want to 'trust' your wealth to corporations, banks, or the government, and digital hackers you're a moron.
Equifax also serves as a reminder that when you have companies run by leftards [think: Starbucks for one moment] they do incredibly stupid sh*t like making a music major their head of security.
- Then there is the question of Lefties 'thinking' that a career POS like Hillary would make an 'adequate' President (forget about a 'good' President).


tsquared said...

The reason a music major with a masters degree is the CSO at Equifax is easily explainable. She got her music degree and realized a BA in music would not land her a job good enough to exist on. She then pressed forward and got her Masters and found that the only job she could find is a temp college professor.

A little research indicated a Cisco CCNA would pay twice what a Masters in music would and a bootcamp would cost about what a college semester would. To keep the Cisco cert active she had to get another Cisco cert at least every 3 years. The security cert jobs pay the most and the cert progression is CCENT CCNA Security CCNP Security CCIE Security. I am not sure how far Susan made it but I do know she had her CCNP Security cert.

Most IT people do not have a college degree in IT - they have a certificate. Most college degreed IT people do not go after a Masters degree as they are busy re-certifying or learning the newest technology because in the IT field if your skill set is 5 years old you are obsolete.

She works for Equifax. At one time not too long ago Equifax required all of their employees to have a 4 year college degree. They based promotions on advanced degrees, certifications, and then job performance (in that order). In the IT department she had a Masters degree and that put her at the top of the promotion curve against other fine arts majors that got IT certs to get a real job.

In the late 80's I had a part-time gig as a contractor updating/writing COBOL for Equifax. I only had an AA from the Community College of the Air Force where I learned how to program. I had a day job and was also in the National Guard. I was activated for Desert Storm and when I returned the day job I had quickly evaporated. I tried to get on fulltime at Equifax and the supervisor I had reported to as a contractor informed me of the Equifax minimal requirement on having a BA or BS to get a full time job there. He convinced me to complete my college with an IT degree as there were very few BS of IT people working in IT.

Millie_Woods said...

I bet she'll never face the music.