Wednesday 13 September 2017

Poland Resisting Yet Another German Attempt To Destroy Europe..................from Daniel Thomas

The plan by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to destroy then subjugate the nation states of Europe is painfully simple and a classic example of government by autocrats in a post democratic age.

Firstly, under the guise of a ‘refugee crisis’, and regardless of the clear and present danger to the citizens of Germany, she opened the borders to hordes of migrants from the middle east and Asia without proper vetting despite the fact that ISIS and other Islamic jihadis announced they would infiltrate their fighters into the deluge to kill and maim.

Merkel knew that once these freeloaders and jihadis were issued with documentation they would be free to move throughout the borderless Schengen area and the rest of the European Union countries using the freedom of movement rules.

Secondly, her announcement to the world that everyone is welcome was a signal to tens of thousands of dirt poor, backward economic migrants from Africa to traverse their continent and cross the Mediterranean Sea which forced already bankrupt Greece, Italy and Cyprus into a deeper, unsustainable crisis.

The EU autocrats then used this manufactured crisis as justification to impose mandatory quotas on the rest of its member states forcing them to accept these economic migrants into their societies without consultation dragging them further down the road to third world status and civil strife.

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