Sunday 24 September 2017

President Trump Puts Globalists, Socialists and Tyrants on Notice.....................from Daniel Thomas

Unlike former President Obama's anti-American presentations, President Trump’s address to the UN General Assembly was no apology for America's history, rather it was music to the ears of freedom lovers throughout the world especially those watching helplessly as their sovereignty is being slowly transferred from their elected governments to unelected bureaucracies.

For the current world leaders who have made it their life’s work to destroy nation state democracy and replace it with a borderless, socialist world ruled by a self-appointed elite it was their worst nightmare.

The demented dictator of North Korea was left in no doubt what fate awaits his country if the United States or its allies are forced to defend themselves should Kim Jong-un follow through on his threats.

He also left the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, i.e. the Mullahs in Iran, in no doubt that the deal that allows them to develop nuclear weapons to use against Israel and the west will be re-negotiated or cancelled. They were also put on notice that they would suffer a similar fate as the ‘Rocket Man’ from North Korea should they continue sponsoring wars in the middle east and terrorism in the west.

President Trump used the descent into poverty and destitution of a once rich and prosperous Venezuela to illustrate the inevitable failure of socialism and the totalitarianism that this perverted ideology always brings when it does fail.

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