Tuesday 5 September 2017

Thanks Barry. You too, Hillary.....

           Thanks for nothing Barry, you asshOle!
Remember that $150 billion of taxpayer's money that he gave to Iran?
- Texas could sure put that money to much better use right about now.
Trump has already given $1 million of his own money to help Texas.
- This from the first President to not take any salary, which is also donated.
           Thanks for nothing Hillary, you asshOle!
Texas could also put the $47 million Hillary made doing a uranium lap-dance for Russia to very good use, but can you imagine Hillary parting with one filthy penny of the loot she has amassed via theft, bribes, and shakedowns to help anybody except herself? [crickets]
- How about her 'donating' her salary had she been able to successfully "rig" her election? Nawww, I didn't think so either.

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