Wednesday 11 October 2017

Ignorance is Bliss...................from Rico

Ignorance is indeed bliss...
The reigning Queen of ignorance, twice-failed Presidential candidate Hillary Rotten Clinton, proves it in her 'book' "What Happened" while blaming everyone and God's French cousin for HER failures, and...well, lack.
She, and her fellow Democrat party apparatchiks still don't "get it" that you cannot insult your way into elected office.
- Calling anyone who thinks differently from her [read: thinks] "deplorables" and a slew of other insulting epithets really was not a good campaign strategy.
- Neither is her openly saying that Democrat voters were "easy to manipulate" and "stupid"...although you'd not find anyone who would differ with her, apart from the few Democrat voters who were 'with her' in 2016.

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