Saturday 14 October 2017

In H’Wood, Can the Liberal Purge be Contained?...................from Dan Friedman

The mistake was thinking that only one ugly fatcat producer could be capable of such embarrassing attempts at debauchery. That somehow Harvey was a lecherous outlier and gave his pristine calling a bad name. But as I pointed out yesterday, that meant ignoring 100 years of movie business history, if not thousands of years of biology, psychology and anatomy. Liberals like to do that until it turns around and slaps them in the face. Then, like boy scout Matt Damon, they feign shock and ignorance. “Really!? Who knew?!” And get this: "If I knew, I would have stopped it!"
But now that the sky has fallen on Harvey Weinstein, pieces are cascading down all over Hollywood and Vine. And since this has become a place that is as much a liberal/left ghetto as it is a cloistered movie colony, the vipers are far from finished spitting venom at each other. In only a day, we’ve already seen some of the big lions dragged into the arena, The red meat is out there and the aggrieved put-upon actresses, and their vengeful feminist lawyers, all smell the scent. And being morality's great champions, they will all want a piece of the action for themselves - and climb over each other to get it.

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