Friday 20 October 2017

Leftist Treason & Treacher for Fun & Profit.....................from Rico

If you grew up during the time when "Gunsmoke" was a popular TV show, then you might view Branco's cartoon [attached] as the ultimate inversion.
- This is something the toxic Left does to everything it comes into contact with.
America has gone from "Gunsmoke" to  the Russian uranium deal "Smoking Guns" (yes, plural) where the Obama regime perverted and corrupted the values of a nation, sold the nation down the river, and cheerily lied about it while pocketing the cash and feeling smugly 'good' about having screwed-over America.
Obama, Hillary, Mueller, et al...criminal conspirators who tried to destroy a nation for fun and profit...should all be smelling the smoke from torches right now.

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