Wednesday 4 October 2017

Oct 1917-Oct 2017 Celebrating an Evil Anniversary in Las Vegas?..................from Rico

How many Americans innocently going about their daily lives know the significance of Oct 1917, or that today's Communists are celebrating it's Centennial?
October 1917 marks when Lenin's "Bolsheviks" attacked the government, took-over the Winter Palace, and installed the first Communist government in Russia.
While the human misery of this "revolution" lasted from 1917-1991, there are many misguided individuals to this day that would like nothing better than to repeat this horrible experience and inflict it upon even more of humanity.
The Antifa assholes are violent Leftists, whose philosophy is Marxist, with broad $upport and organization that need to be taken seriously.
- They are NOT your friends, and they want a violent revolution to destroy "capitalism" and install "Communism." [read: Leftist Morons]
I have just been informed by an "anonymous source" who is well-known to me (see what I did there NYT?)  that the FBI collected Antifa documents/literature from the room of the Las Vegas shooter.
- You will not be hearing this from the Leftist MSM, or the Leftist Politicians [read: Democrats] does not serve their agenda.
Draw your own conclusions.

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