Wednesday 11 October 2017

Socialism is Awesome...................from Rico

Socialism is awesome!
Q - What's the difference between a Pizza and the Socialist Worker's Paradise of Venezuela?
A - A Pizza can feed a family.
You 'knew' this was coming when earlier this year Venezuelans began 'weighing' their currency instead of 'counting' it.
- This what happens when money dies...the nation dies, too.
The IMF forecasts that inflation in Venezuela will reach 2,349% in 2018 (after a mere 626% this past year).
- A better indicator of inflation is the black market, where 1$ USD buys 26,808 Venezuelan Bolivars (up from VB 3,164 earlier this year).
This must not be important, because like a lot of other 'real news' the MSM hasn't been reporting any of this, preferring 'fake news' that they can write themselves.
- Besides, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Micheal Moore, and the entire Democratic People's Party (D) were unavailable for comment.

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