Monday 23 October 2017

Speaker at Center for Jewish History violently denounces Israel......................from Dan Friedman

[I don’t mean to be cynical, and even less so, to be defeatist. But I’ve always found the truth to be the best tonic. And the truth is the organized New York Jewish community (sic) is on its last legs as far as being a viable pro-Zionist organism goes. As I have said quite often, the large Jewish communal organizations which control $$millions - once avidly pro-Israel - have been co-opted by the even more avid pro-Arab left - and their takeover is only becoming more complete. As Caroline Glick once noted laconically, this infiltration could never have happened if their leaders didn’t concur with the left’s anti-Zionist line. And make no mistake, they do - hook, line and sinker.
So it is that on Oct. 15th, a few days before a protest in front of the Center For Jewish History, an arch Israel-basher, NYT columnist Richard Cohen, gave a speech at the Center, practically unannounced and unchallenged by the rest of the community.
In all honesty, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn. The battle for the NY Jewish community has been lost. But thank G-d that’s no longer the prize - nor has it ever been since 1948. Israel is and always has been the jewel in the crown. And Israel is becoming stronger and more confident as the Jewish state is ironically, leaving its own pathetic left behind -  exactly what our unJewish leftists here in NYC and elsewhere do not want. So if you still call yourself a Zionist put your weight where it has some heft. Give your time, money and efforts directly to Israel. And let the empty suits here talk to themselves and eat their hearts out as Jewish history unfolds in Israel. Of course, you're free to disagree - and waste your time playing charades with the scions of the Holocaust facilitators. df]

Speaker at Center for Jewish History violently denounces Israel


Mark Matis said...

They are not "Jewish". And have not been for quite some time. They are, however, Communist.


Dan: is a great group; they're running a fund drive to buy fleece jackets for IDF soldiers.

I bought jackets for a squad of 8 soldiers.