Tuesday 3 October 2017

State Oppression in Catalonia – Real Fascism in Spain Is Ignored................from Daniel Thomas

Two of the most vocal and active groups commanding the headlines of late are Antifa in the USA and Unite Against Fascism in Great Britain (UAF). Both groups engage in violent civil unrest and other anti-social activities to save us helpless souls from fascism and its genocidal sibling, Nazism.

Either by ignorance or design these self-proclaimed anti-fascists consider anyone who doesn’t share their ‘progressive’ world view to be a fascist or a Nazi and therefore must be intimidated into silence and banished from the public domain.

They believe they are a valiant resistance to fascist regimes and to protect the people they must smash windows, destroy businesses and shut down debate on college campuses and elsewhere. They also attack the police who are often under orders by agenda driven mayors to stand down.

Providing the odds are heavily in their favor they violently attack individuals who dare to raise a dissenting voice or display any sign of patriotism.

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