Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The Leaders of the USA Left Are Leading Their Followers Off a Cliff...................from Dan Friedman

[I've said the battle for the big American Jewish organizations is lost. Anti-Zionist David Myer's installation at the Center For Jewish History with only token resistance is proof enough. But I've also said that the battle that counts, the one for the soul of Israel and the Jewish people, is going the way of the angels. Internecine struggles like this never go in a straight line. There will be setbacks. Prepare to overcome them. But the future belongs to the real Jews, authentic Zionists and our true friends around the world. Abu Yehuda is the nom de guerre of a wise American Jewish observer who made aliyah a few years ago. He now reports from the front-line. You won't read this in the "progressive" media, Jewish or otherwise. In fact, they want it kept a secret to shore up the flagging morale of their disheartened rank and file. Please forward if you wish. df]

The Reform Jewish al-Aqsa

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