Thursday 5 October 2017

When a media 'narrative' unravels...................from Rico

The goal [grab the guns] is transparent, and the motive is obvious [never let a crisis go to waste] but the "media narrative" in support of it is unraveling.
Just as the ubiquitous phone cameras have disproven the existence of Bigfoot, in the hands of ordinary people they have been a positive countervailing source of information vs. the fake news people. To wit:
- Videos of a shooter firing fully-automatic from the 4th floor (not the 32nd floor) of the Mandalay have surfaced, along with possible shooters on the 10th floor corner room where windows were broken out-open.
- An Australian man in the room next door to the shooter's on the 32nd floor says there were multiple shooters.
- Room service tickets for the shooter's room indicate more than one person was being served food.
- The shooter actually checked-in on the 25th...not the 28th, as was reported.
- The Las Vegas Sheriff said in a presser that the shooter 'may have been radicalized.' NFI
- The shooter's Pinay girlfriend apparently has Australian citizenship, used multiple Social Security numbers, had multiple addresses, and more than one husband at the same time.
I'm just sayin'.....something really stinks about this whole 'story' that's been presented by the MSM.
And Comrade Hillary Rotten Clinton reminds America how truly fortunate and lucky they are NOT to have this Marxist ghoul as POTUS.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed. I would go further.

Law enforcement spokesmen were saying the same day that they had found many pages of handwritten notes in the shooter's room. But when asked about the contents, they stonewall and won't speak.

You don't suppose there's something in the killer's notes that might contradict the agitprop narrative we're all being spoon-fed, do you? We already know that if the notes supported the narrative they're pushing, they'd be on the front page of every newspaper and CNN and MSNBC would show nothing else for days on end.

So: what are they hiding? Are they going to drop this down the Memory Hole and say there were no notes? Watch and see.