Saturday 11 November 2017

Anatomy of a Dem "smear".......................from Rico

Apart from the really 'odd' timing of accusers coming forward with allegations 40 years later, only weeks before a vote, there is another 'political angle' to what is looking like another typical Democrat (C) smear of an opponent, namely Judge Roy Moore (, R).
- The RINO's (GOPe) were only too happy to participate, mind you.
The WaPo 'reporter' who authored the 'bombshell' [read: hist piece] Ms. McCrummen has criminal records in multiple state spanning four time zones.
- Of course, the WaPo might as well be the public relations arm of the DNC remember.
One Moore 'accuser' has previously 'accused' three pastors of sexual misconduct. She has been divorced three times.
-A Democrat (C) who was 'with Hillary.'
Another of Moore's 'accusers' Debbie Gibson worked as a sign language interpreter for both Hillary Rotten Clinton and Joe 'Plugs' Biden, but is now actively campaigning for Moore's Democrat (C) opponent Doug Jones.
Well, no shit. What a freakin' coincidence!
- Democrats (C) lying...


Mark Matis said...

I pray that anyone who has been sexually assaulted by John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Pete King, or the rest will promptly come forward and tell the truth about their evil. And just remember:

"If they won't prove "no", they surely must go!"

BB-Idaho said...

Yeah, Old man Moore should have stuck to molesting GOP girls.