Thursday 16 November 2017

Brought to you by the Religion of Peace...................from Rico

Tom Paine almost three centuries ago commented on those who didn't support freedom "may your chains rest lightly upon you."
- I'd say the same to the willing and eager Dhimmi's, sycophants, enablers, and suck-ass idiots (yes, Libturds, I'm talking to YOU here) that have bought into the whole "Religion of Peace" lie. Well, if you choose to "believe" rather than use rational logic and critical thought it's YOUR ass.
Here we have a stellar example of willing suck-assery by Mattel, a Hijab Barbie. The "Lib's" are simply wetting themselves with delight while overlooking the fact that it comes with bruises and is anatomically correct [read: missing a clitoris].
- Enjoy your dhimmitude (slavery), and may your chains rest lightly upon you...if the savages don't just murder you first for the 'sin' of not being Musloids. 

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