Sunday 19 November 2017


Why should something like this surprise anyone?  In many colleges throuout the US anti-Semitism is a fact.  The college officials do nothing to stop and prevent this outrage from occurring. The perps are almost exclusively black students who go to college not to learn anything but to cause as much trouble as possible.
These despicable people are aided and abetted by Muslim students, as well  as Muslim non-students. One of the lead organization that causes these outrageous activities is Black Lives Matter.
Some other groups that have joined in with this bunch of disgusting people are Socialists who are also members of the Democrat Party and neo-Nazis.  Disgustingly there are some self hating Jewish leftists who participate in these activities.
The reason the college officials don't do anything to prevent this is that since most of these villains are Black, they do not want to be accused of racism.  However racism is OK when it is Jews who are being attacked. 

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