Tuesday 21 November 2017

Has the domino game started now?

The euphoria tonight in Zimbabwe is a pleasure to behold, albeit expectations regarding economic recovery and key investments to restore infrastructure and build human capacity will have to be managed.
As the scale of Robert Mugabe’s enrichment and that of his wife (wasn’t that a great headline earlier this week, “Mugabe’s fall from grace”) become known, it would be interesting to compile an estimate of his ill-gotten (and that of his coterie) alongside that of Jacob Zuma, with and without the Gupta’s rake off in the plundering of SA’s economy.
Any comparison could be tweaked to show the average enrichment per year in power, 37 and 9 respectively.
Maybe Sky News et al will be spending part of December at the ANC shindig.
Roger J (currently in Ballito, KZN, South Africa)

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